Membership Application and Renewal

Membership Portal Updates

In the Membership Application and Renewal Portal you can choose a payment option of either online credit card or offline bank deposit.

If for some reason you can’t complete the application or renewal process through the online Portal then there remains the option to do so via a paper based process. You can request this from the Secretary (click for Contacts page).

14th June 2024

Yep, IT stuff happened! The Portal launch day has been pushed back a few days. Don’t worry, it looks great and is moving along.

08 June 2024

Membership Portal on track. Progress is good. The Committee review is scheduled for Thursday 13th and Friday 14th. We will be available at Friday’s GM to provide some info and answer questions.

03 June 2024

The Portal’s servers and environment have been commissioned and are operational! When you visit the Portal you will see a countdown timer to the launch date of 16 June 2024. Hooray!

VARMS Membership Application and Renewal Portal is going to be the first step of a long but exciting journey as we upgrade and improve VARMS information technology capabilities. All the improvements that will be implemented over the course of the journey are designed to improve our members experience at VARMS and make life easier for all.

We are really lucky to have an experienced and skillful team of VARMS members on the job so it looks like we will be ace flying the skymap ahead.

Be sure to read the updates on this page before clicking to visit the Portal so you know what to expect and when. Im totally convinced that everybody will do this (sure…).

Let’s go!

First up is the new Membership Portal. The goal is to make the process of membership renewals and new applications more streamlined for the member, easier to complete and add some automation to help relieve the workload on the officers involved.

Using the Portal, you will be able to perform all of the following activities:

  • Confirm and update your personal details.
  • Confirm your VARMS membership category and MAAA affiliation type.
  • Choose to pay the renewal fee online with credit card using secure checkout! Receive your receipt immediately and go back to flying. Let the Portal robots do the work and the Registrar and Treasurer can keep flying too!
  • Choose to pay the renewal fee with a bank deposit just like before.

Soon after the renewals are in swing we will add the ability for new member applications to be initiated and completed through the portal. More details after the launch date. The plan is to have the new member application capability in place after the launch date and before the end of June. We can then start accepting new member applications for the new financial year.

If for some reason applicants and members can’t use the online Portal then there remains the option to complete these actions via a paper based process.