August-2022     We have relocation to a temporary site at Rowville Recreation Reserve Oval #2, and have limited flying times and capacity for training.  End of 2022 we should have access to our new field and clubhouse, just south of Oval #2.

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About Our Club

Victorian Association of Radio Model Soaring Inc. (VARMS) was formed in 1968 to get together aero-modellers who were interested in building and flying radio controlled gliders. Training Classes with dual controlled gliders are held typically every [second Sunday] from 10am to 1pm (except January and Total Fire Ban days).  Refer to our [calendar] for glider [training] dates.

VARMS organizes regular competitions in both Slope and Thermal Soaring, from fun-fly, scale, open competition and self launching (electric) gliders.

VARMS is affiliated with the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) The World Air Sports Federation.

Organisation No. A0001504U