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VARMS Next Upcoming Event

Wed 24-Jul-2024
  • Member Induction 2407-2
    Starts: Wed 24-Jul-2024 - 05:00 PM
    Ends: 06:00 PM

    Location: VARMS 1405 Stud Road Rowville VIC 3178


    New Member Induction with the Club President.
    Visitors are welcome!

About Our Club

Victorian Association of Radio Model Soaring Inc. (VARMS) was formed in 1968 to get together aero-modellers who were interested in building and flying radio controlled gliders. Training Classes with dual controlled gliders are held typically every [second Sunday] from 10am to 1pm (except January and Total Fire Ban days).  Refer to our [calendar] for glider [training] dates.

VARMS organizes regular competitions in both Slope and Thermal Soaring, from fun-fly, scale, open competition and self launching (electric) gliders.

VARMS is affiliated with the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) The World Air Sports Federation.

Organisation No. A0001504U