Incident Report Form

VARMS Incident report form can be found (here).

Please use this form to report any incident or event that caused (or could have caused ie a ‘near miss’) injury, harm, abuse, harassment, property damage or other adverse outcomes including:
• Any actual or possible injury, harm, abuse or harassment of any persons
• Any incident that causes any damage to property, models or equipment (including single model incidents)
• Any landing that is outside the confines of the nominated field boundaries, even if it did not cause damage.
• Any flight path too close to people or property.
• Any dangerous, reckless or out of control flying
• Loss of control, for any reason, which causes a breach of any Club Rules or Operating Disciplines.
Incidents also include events at the field not directly involving flying or aircraft and any other adverse events or outcomes
In addition to completing and submitting this Form the President or Secretary should be contacted ASAP when a serious incident occurs.
Please hand the completed form to the Secretary or President or put it in the mail box at the clubrooms

The MAAA Incident Report Form 010 can now be found (here) and MAAA Incident Investigation Form 011 found (here).