VARMS History

Des Bayliss has compiled a full history of VARMS documenting information on the formation of the club up until present day. A fabulous read …but may take a little time (1000-odd pages) – Well Done Des!


Part 1 – Origins & General Information

Part 2 to 6 – Annual Diary 1968-2017 – Contain details of the elected Committee for each year, and other pertinent information on relevant events that occurred for that year, noted on a July to June basis.

Part 7 – Records, Rules & Comp Results

Part 8 – Total Membership – The following listing is the result of constant and exhaustive research of VARMS?s records and documentation to establish all of those persons who have ever been a member; their Membership Number, AUS(VH) Number and other pertinent information that may distinguish those with similar names/initials etc..

Part 9 – LSF – The Origins of the League of Silent Flight USA 1968 & the Formation of L. S. F. Australia 1978 and Ensuing History.

High Aspect

VARMS 40th Anniversary Magazine (May_2008)High_Aspect_40th_Anniversary.May_2008