VARMS Glider Training Mornings

Sun 16-Jun-2024
  • VARMS Training
    Starts: Sun 16-Jun-2024 - 10:00 AM
    Ends: 01:00 PM

Sun 30-Jun-2024
  • VARMS Training
    Starts: Sun 30-Jun-2024 - 10:00 AM
    Ends: 01:00 PM


The VARMS training school provides free training to Bronze Wings Glider standard, Silver(G)Gold(G) and beyond.  Training is held typically every second Sunday from 10am to 1pm (except January and Total Fire Ban days). Refer to our calendar for dates.

VARMS Training December 2015

All training is conducted using Rudder/Elevator/Electric Motor Polyhedral gliders. The current gliders used are the Prelude Plus by Southern Sailplanes modified as stated below.

To ensure that Training is as stress free as possible, Buddy Boxes are used. Their use lessens the fear of crashing for many beginners and enables faster learning. Spektrum wireless buddy box linking is now in use.

The Prelude Plus has been modified to house a Hyperion G2220-14 Brushless motor, a Hyperion 30A speed controller and Hyperion 3S 2000Mah Lithium Polymer batteries. This combination works very well for training and enables a safe transition to electric assist gliding.

The above conversion was kindly supported by  Hyperion Australia.