VARMS Trophy

VARMS trophy is a low-key, fun competition for 2Meter rudder elevator gliders and beginner (ie. Foam) electric models. Beginners, experts and insured visitors are welcome.

VARMS Trophy Reports

  1. VARMS Trophy – March 2010
  2. VARMS Trophy – February 2010
  3. VARMS Trophy – December 2009
  4. VARMS Trophy – June 2009
  5. VARMS Trophy – April 2009

Task format varies from one competition to the next. Flight tasks generally involve flying to a set time with a landing inside a defined area. The task may also include aerobatic elements. Scoring systems vary from standard timing to the infamous “Bungee Duel.” [See below]

The competition venue is Briggs Field, High Street Road Wantirna South. However, venue may be changed to a suitable slope if the wind is blowing.  Events are run most months, check the VARMS website or Aspectivity for dates. If you wish to join the email list please check Aspectivity for the contact details of the Contest Director.

Bungee Duel Rules.

  • Simultaneous launch.
  • Timing starts when contest director calls GO! Models must launch immediately.
  • One stopwatch required per model
  • Timing stops when model comes to rest on the ground
  • Landing: Nose of model inside the landing box.
  • Loop: A loop may be performed during the flight for a bonus point. Looping off the line is not permitted!
  • Touchdown: A landing inside the landing box AND a time +/- 15 seconds of the target time.
  • Win: Pilot who lands closest to the task time scores a win. There are two exceptions:
    • To score a win, the model must make a safe landing on the field and be within 100 meters of the landing box.
    • A Touchdown will always beat a landing outside the box.



  • Win:               2 Points
  • Landing:        1 Point
  • Loop:              1 Point
  • Touchdown:  1 Point